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<WE> helped our clients achieve business values through our delivery of mission-critical Technology solutions & expertise since 2004.

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Talent Wins Battles, but Teamwork Wins Wars

Our squad is built on the minds of talented heroes. Together, they create an Invincible force so powerful that they defeat all obstacles that come their way. Inteltion values the qualities of your individual powers to maximize teamwork for every mission.

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Big Challenges Are Awaiting You.

No mission is too big for Inteltion’s squad of superheroes. Using our powers, we sleigh any problems that come our way and we combine the minds of masterminds to find the key to all the answers we need to win every battle

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Work Hard, Play Harder

It can’t always be about fighting the war and winning battles. Even superheroes need to have fun. Join the squad and find out just how heroes kick back and have a good time.

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The Mothership Inteltion

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Train Like a Champion

At Inteltion, we believe in movements to keep our squad fit and focused. Whether it’s activating your strengths with our boxing bag, extending your limits with the monkey bars, or centering your mind with a quick game of ping pong, our spaceship is fully equipped to make us stronger on every level.

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The Spaceship Design

The Inteltion Mothership has been built to enhance the mobilities of our Superheroes. Our headquarters is a playground for geniuses to unfold their creativity and powers or just sometimes to chill out. It has been designed to prepare themselves for what challenges will come next.

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Inspiring the World

As heroes, we inspire. We encourage others to be mindful of their daily mobilities, and find your balance between saving the world and having fun. As Albert Einstein once said “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Benefits for the Squad

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Performance Bonus

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High Salary Growth

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Provident Fund

icon squad social security

Social Security Program

icon squad health insurance

Premium Health Insurance

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Vacation and Sick Leave

icon squad turn money

Turn Unused Vacation Leave to Money

icon squad flexible fund

Flexible Fund 10K for Health & Education

icon squad travel expense

Travel & Expense Claims From Working Onsite at Customer Offices

icon squad online learning

Online Learning From All Enterprise Technologies

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Oversea Outings & A Lot of Parties!

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Covid support

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Once a year,We’re Going Wild!

China – Beijing

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