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It is a period of Data & Analytics War. Companies fight on to have the upper hand of information and insights. Inteltion’s Squad of Data Engineers, Data Scientists and Data Visualisation have joined forces to pursue a new age of information.

  • data & analytics cloud data platform

    Data & Analytics – Cloud Data Platform

    Using a cloud data platform ensures you have access to your data & analytics anytime. It is allowing you to make informed decisions at all times. We’ve teamed up with leading cloud providers like Azure, AWS, and Databricks GCP.

    We are a top partner of world-class cloud providers for Enterprise Data Platform. Our consultants can help you build a platform with cloud flexibility that’s suitable for your organization so you can achieve more efficient, cost-saving, and purposed-specific data enterprise.

    This includes implementing turn-key solutions, optimizing your cloud data platform, supporting ETL, ELT, IoT, and social media integrations, and designing your next generation cloud data platform.

    Our team can also modernize or redesign your existing Data Warehouse or Data Lake architecture so that it operates on the latest technology and accommodates cloud technologies.

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    Data Lake & Data Lakehouse

    Data is the key to business growth. But to do so, your data must be stored in a secure stronghold so it’s safe and accessible to you all year long.

    Data Lakehouse combines the best parts of Data Lake and Data Warehouse. It will ensure that your data is always kept safe.

    At Inteltion, our data consultants will build a Data Lake architecture that can handle big data, allow you to explore hidden values from the unknown, and cultivate a data-driven culture in your organization.

    Our team will also make sure your Data Lake receives real-time data from IoT devices, delivers on various state-of-the-art technologies like Hadoop, Azure Data Lake Storage, Google Cloud Storage, and AWS S3, and analyzes audience behaviors and platform performance via streaming and batch data processing.

    We’ll also build your Data Lakehouse using the Delta Lake technique, which replicates data in real-time from various applications to Data Lake.

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    Data Warehouse

    Data & Analytics are only powerful when there’s meaning to it and you can understand them. That’s why you need a Data Warehouse to help you collect, consolidate, model, analyze, and make valuable relationships based on your data.

    Our team of data consultants will help you build a Data Warehouse. Giving you the control, automatisation, and monitoring solutions of end-to-end ETL processes using best-in-class Data Warehouse technology tools like RDBMS, MPP Appliance, Cloud Data Warehouse, and ETL technologies and access them on both cloud and on-premise platforms.

    With our vast experience in building Data Warehouse, with thousands of Enterprise Data Warehouse engagements for on-premise and on-cloud platforms for clients in various industries in Thailand, including the banking, telecom, retail, insurance, food & restaurant, and transportation industry. As well as our expertise in leading database technologies like Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Teradata, Netezza, etc., our team will make sure you receive a Data Warehouse that best fits your organization.

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    Data Integration & Data Replication

    Oftentimes, businesses have data placed in many different systems. That is why it can become complicated when you need to use all of them for your business needs.

    Our data consultants can help solve this by preparing and transforming your complex data. It will support your specialized software, cleansing and merging your data across different systems, and capturing and replicating your data in real-time from the source to the target so it can support all your business requirements.

    For those in the banking industry, our team will help you collect, transform, and prepare your data and integrate it with specialized software like IFRS, OFSSA, Collection, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) systems.

    Your data stays safe during the integration process. Our team will help you integrate, cleanse, and merge all the customer profiles together to a simple golden record of customers.

    Whereas for insurance companies, we’ll implement real-time data replication across heterologous systems using Data Replication or Change-Data-Capture tools like AS/400 to MS SQL and AS/400 to Cloud Data Storage.

  • data & analytics business intelligence icon

    Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

    Understanding important information fast is the key to making decisive yet informed decisions that benefit your organization. By having visual data, you’ll be able to do this!

    Our team has implemented more than a thousand Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Visualization solutions for companies in numerous industries, such as the banking, telecom, retail, insurance, food & restaurant, and transportation industry.

    With our extensive experience, our team will design best-fitting BI solutions and visualization for your organization using multiple software like Tableau, Power BI, SAP Business Object, IBM Cognos and Oracle BI so you get the visual analyses, reports, dashboards you need to make precise business decisions.

    These include pixel-perfect reports, paginated reports, graphical reports and dashboards, self-service reports, and story-telling dashboards. Then, we’ll accelerate the design and implementation stage by leveraging our collections of dashboards, reports, and analysis templates for business industries. We’ll also work alongside you to ensure you get deeper data cognition and make the most of it.

  • advanced data & analytics

    Advanced Data Analytics

    Data will help you better understand your organization. Data will help you make better decisions. It will forecast your organization’s future performance. It’s critical for leaders and decision-makers like you to gain deep data insights using advanced analytic techniques like data sciences, AI, and ML.

    Whether you’re an insurance company that needs to improve its telemarketing performance or a beverage and lady-ware company that needs a better sales prediction and inventory optimization model, we can develop an analytics model using Python, Databricks, and Cloud ML tools for you to support your decision-making process and predict the root causes for failures.

    If you’re in the insurance industry, our team will also analyze and develop a prediction model for your insurance company. We use your customers’ profiles, external shopping information, and research that identifies the specific factors that influence your customers’ buying decisions. We will improve your company’s telemarketing performance.

  • data & analytics data visualisation

    Data Virtualization

    Businesses like yours often have massive data stored in various places. But by using Data Virtualization, our data consultants will make sure you can access these data without needing to locate the physical data.

    We’ll combine and integrate your data using Data Virtualization Technology. Creating the business data models and views you need across multiple sources in real time. Creating accessibility for your team via the Denodo Data Virtualization tool.

  • data & analytics governance icon

    Data Governance & Data Catalog

    Having your massive amount of data put in order is the key to seamlessly operating a business. Our team of engineers is here to help you organize all your data assets located across all systems using Enterprise Metadata Management with data management and search capabilities. These tools will allow you to manage and find your data and use them effectively.

    We’ve also teamed up with Informatica, the number one Enterprise Data Catalog tool, so we can manage your data across Data Warehouse, Big Data, Business Intelligence on different databases, ETL, and BI technologies for Telecom securely and effectively.

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