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Support Your Organization Needs with System Integration

Each organization requires specific IT systems and software that can support their needs. We archive that trough seamless system integration.

But as each technological tool operates independently as they’re programmed differently, this means that data can’t easily be shared, preventing seamless collaboration between all departments.

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Seamless Operations

Our system integration solutions will make your IT infrastructure operate seamlessly under a centralized system so that data can flow smoothly.

In return, not only will employees be able to work more efficiently and effectively, but your organization will also reduce its overall operating costs and reputational risks.

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Customize Your Needs

To do so, our team of engineers will analyze your organization and current IT infrastructure so we understand how your existing organization’s IT system operates.

Then, from our findings, we’ll design your system infrastructure based on your specific needs and unique requirements. This will include selecting fast, efficient, and secure hardware and server infrastructure that best fits your organization.

Afterward, our system engineers will build a resilient system infrastructure that supports your organization’s growth by ensuring all information exchange and workflows in your organization runs smoothly.

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Our Experience in System Integration

At Inteltion, we’ve teamed up with technology industry leaders like IBM and Sun Oracle to make sure that you only receive the best IT infrastructure solution.

For instance, we’ve designed an advanced analytics platform and total infrastructure capability for one of the largest mass transport companies in Thailand to ensure that their IT infrastructure is capable of processing massive amounts of data.

We’ve also implemented high-performance servers for different organizations, enabling them to operate with up to 89 percent less energy than traditional servers and run analytics tasks 10,000 times faster.

Our system integration delivers large-scale Mobile Device Management solutions, which allows organizations to monitor, manage, and secure all mobile devices like laptops and smartphones that have access to their information.

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