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Every organization has different technology needs and requirements. As a result, it’s often the case that organizations won’t be able to find one technical solution that fits all their demands and improve your organization’s workflow. In this case, to stay on top of the industry during this ever-evolving digital age, IT infrastructure must be equipped with all the tools needed to support your organization to meet your goals and objectives. For this, adopting an enterprise and custom technology solution is most suitable for organizations that have specific needs.

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A Multi-Sourcing Approach

At Inteltion, our engineers in the Enterprise and Custom Solution team will first assess your existing technology infrastructure and determine what technical solutions are necessary so your new IT infrastructure can fully support your organization’s core business. This includes creating a project delivery framework, choosing which reusable codes or programming tools like .NET and JAVA should be used, and building a custom-designed enterprise architecture. When necessary, our engineers will also source different services and functional bundles that are available in the market and suitable for your organization’s needs to develop a unique IT infrastructure plan that best suits you. Then, our team will design and tailor your IT infrastructure based on your needs, allowing your organization to perform optimally and enjoy higher operational efficiency.

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Complying With New Regulatory Standards

For regulatory compliance projects, our engineers will also make sure to use highly-sensitive routine and ad-hoc reporting to make sure everything complies with new regulatory standards.

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Patnering With World-Renowned Technology Companies

To ensure that your tailored solution perfectly fits your organization, we’ve partnered with world-renowned technology companies like Java, Microsoft, and Pega so that our engineers can customize your IT infrastructure with proven solutions that work. As a result, our team has successfully built many custom IT solutions for various organizations, including Business Process Management modules, Document Management, Electronic Invoice, e-Learning, and Clearing House.

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