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Understanding customer insights preferences and behavior is crucial if organizations want to know what customers need and how they can be pleased. That’s why organizations need to have an analytics system that can help marketing teams learn everything about their customers, allowing marketers to make timely informed decisions.

To do so, our engineers will build an analytics system that can measure and analyze large volumes of rapidly evolving data from multiple channels and data resources in real time. This includes being able to identify different customer segments by using real-time digital analytic measurements and reporting so your team can understand which ones of your customers are of high value and what methods should be used to engage them. The 360-degree customer analysis will also help your marketing team to deliver more timely content to potential and current customers.

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Data Management Platform

In today’s digital age, organizations need to have up-to-date data to be able to make timely decisions. However, with data coming from owned online and offline platforms as well as second and third-party sources, these data need to be kept in a centralized location and analyzed so that the obtained data is useful for the organization. That’s why organizations need a central data management platform that can collect data from various sources in one place and process it for you.

Our team of engineers can help you build a data management platform that classifies gathered data based on user attributes, which can be further processed to create audience analytics categorized by campaign and audience levels. The platform will then summarize these findings in a report to know customer insights better.

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Content Management Platform

Everyone is connected via the internet. This means organizations have to start reaching out to customers through online platforms. However, this means that organizations would have to create content that can attract their target customers. To do so effectively, having a content management platform will allow organizations to create engaging, personalized content optimized for their customers.

At Inteltion, our team of engineers can build a content management platform to help you create and manage the digital experience on all your channels. Your marketing team will also be able to collaborate on this platform when forming content strategies based on customer insights, streamlining workflow and communication. Furthermore, your marketers will be able to create visual content strategies, content formats, and content production schedules on this platform.

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Real Time CDP

Other than your team members, one of the most important aspects of your organization is your customers insights. Real-Time Customer Data Platform (Real-Time CDP) connects and unifies all data from different sources so that your marketing team can make informed decisions and deliver connected customer experiences.

Real-Time CDP will also help your marketing team gain a holistic understanding of your customers based on your first-party data. To do so, our system will create a profile for each of your customers from the data it receives and automatically updates the profile if the system receives new information about the customer. Best of all, Real-Time CDP makes sure your customer data obtained from each channel, device, and system are automatically updated so you can consistently stay tuned to their latest behaviors. This means that your team will always be able to meet customers’ needs as they’re able to deliver unique real-time experiences, customized recommendations and customer journeys.

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