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Our latest projects.

  • Datawarehouse Transformation for Major Commercial Bank


    Thailand's largest banks in terms of market capitalization and third-largest measured by asset size, providing a full range of financial services that include corporate and personal lending, retail and wholesale banking, foreign currency operations, international trade financing, cash management, custodial services, credit and charge card services and investment banking services.


    This project was initiated to satisfy two main objectives. First, to customize, integrate and support the complex analytic applications for data across various business units. Second, to increase support functions as diverse as personalized customer relationship management and marketing programs, credit risk management strategies and financial analysis and reporting, as well as improved operational efficiencies that will result in helping reduce operating costs.

    We extracted and transfer all critical data from various legacy systems across bank's various business units consolidating them into the centralized Teradata EDW platform. The value delivered to our business is improved productivity and efficiency with a single view of business, enabling decision-makers to leverage integrated data from across the enterprise to make mission-critical analyses and decisions.

    In another project, a new Azure Datalake has been introduced to serve new requirements and enhance capabilities of data. 


    • Teradata
    • IBM DataStage
    • Oracle Data Integrator
    • Azure Platform
    • Databricks
    • PowerBI
    • SAP BO
  • EDW for Thailand’s First ‘Social Banking’ Platform


    A new social banking brand that is extremely easy to use and fun. Customers will enjoy instant banking service within the LINE platform, such as, simple step to apply banking products, fund transfer, and personal loan with fast approval process.  



    Since it's the 1st time this kind of service available in Thailand, the business is very challenging since no one has background before and have to learn together along with customer. The datawarehouse will store all transactions ranging from Savings Accounts, Special Rate Accounts, Debit Cards and Credit Line (personal loan). The data will allow new business to identify more opportunities and better service to serve customers. 


    • IBM Information Suite - DataStage
    • MS SQL Enterprise
  • AI Chatbot for Largest Logistics


    The client is a the leader player logistics with extensive operations across the globe. The client is uniquely positioned in the world’s fastest growing region, offering last-mile delivery to B2C, B2B2C and C2C customers.



    As business of logistics is growing, resulting in more support from agents to answer Q&A and resolve the issues. To minimize human errors, reduce human cost and improve operation 24x7, AI Chatbot is recommend to solve the issues. 


    • ConvoLab AI Chatbot
    • Web chat and Mobile application as output channels
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